Technology and use

Decowood floors are made of ecologic and natural oak. The technology of flooring conceived by our company combines the modern with the traditional aspects.

Grinding and machining of wood takes place at the newly established production line, where we maintained the highest standards of quality. The process of marking the pre-colored wax is initially done at the production line, while the final color is applied manually by double rubbing with wax in the timber in a specially prepared room. This gives us confidence that our floors will retain the highest quality, resistance to wear, and – what is most important for us – its unique style and character we created especially for you.

General Information

Areas covered with Osmo system are highly resistant to dirt (from shoes, stains, etc.). Our shell is a technologically advanced combination of natural wax oils and hard natural vegetable waxes. Pigments used in coloring Osmo products are used in food industry, which means that they are completely natural and ecologic.

The biggest threat to our floor coating is sand under a load of the human body, because the outer shell is very hard and thus, like any wood floor is vulnerable to scratches. Therefore, maintenance of the surface is essential to use. By nurturing we complement coating of hard waxes, which are being wiped off during the wear. Floors coated with this system are very durable and the maintenance system is complete and easy for application.

Recommendations for periodic and current maintenance

* The newly laid down floor shouldn’t be covered for 3 days with the carpet or polyethylene film (if necessary, cover it with corrugated cardboard).

  • Ensure the possibility of air circulation in the room.
  • Do not clean the surface wet within 3 days of the arrangement.
  • First treatment (Measure for Restoration and Cleaning Wax 8016) can be done no more than 5 days after the application of Osmo coatings.
  • You can walk on the surface just after laying the floor, but remember to not to use it extensively (eg. moving furniture or walking with hard shoes).
  • Protect furniture with felt pads.
  • Under the chairs with wheels use specialized protective mats.
  • Apply a dirt collecting system (doormat before entering and after entering the interior). A properly designed system should include three wiper cleaning zone: coarse, intermediate and drying. In public use dirt collecting system should carry out minimum of 2,5 running meters over the cleaning draft.
  • Always remove sand and dust from the surface (vacuum cleaner, cleaning cloth, wet dwile).
  • Separate rubber elements of furnishings and objects from Osmo coatings (coating may react with the rubber).
  • For everyday cleaning use a measure called Wisch Fix 8016 (according to the recommendations of the manual.) Always wash the floor with wet dwile rather than with wringing dwile (wipe excess moisture with a dry cloth).
  • Local dirt and stains remove with Wax Care and Cleaning Spray Wash 3031 or Wax Restoration and Cleaning Wash 3029 (according to the instructions for use).
  • Any visible damage is nothing more than just a scratch of the surface of a hard wax coating, which must be disposed of by transferring to the Wax Restoration and Cleaning 8016 (according to the instructions for use). The home service operation should be performed several times a year, depending on the intensity of use. In practice we do this twice a year (in the case of visible damage – communication paths).
  • During renovations protect the floor from damage (e. g. corrugated cardboard).
  • Deep Osmo coatings damage should be sanded lightly with granulated paper 120, then removed of dust and applied (e. g. with a cloth) with an adequate to the used one wax oil used in the correct number of coats. Waxes for particular colors are available from Decowood floors’ distributors on request.